By Allie Hudson

The Mindset Accountability Journal

Our lives are made of a series of small steps that take us on a Journey.  We are all following a Journey, whether it is of our own making or we are being blown in the wind.  This book starts the Journey of Gratitude. It is proven by science that Gratitude is the most powerful practice we can develop.  It changes our entire path on life. When we practice gratitude daily our life begins to unfold in ways that we could never have imagined.  Start this journey by ordering your 40 day journey to a new you NOW.

This is an invitation to you to become the person that you have always DREAMed of becoming.  It is a journey that will take you through many twists and turns, but it is so worth it when you get there.  That is why developing a practice of Gratitude is so important to your success. Being grateful for each day and focusing on getting the most out of that day is the journey that only the brave can step into and complete.  I invite you to begin this journey NOW.

Finding Love and Keeping It

When it comes to love why do I keep attracting the same person?  Well there is a reason for why the same kind of person shows up in your life.  You are attracting that person. You have to change in order to attract the person you really want.  This book helps you change your inner dialogue by developing your gratitude and self.

Your True North

Gratitude is a practice that allows us to develop all areas of our life.  Learning to be grateful opens up our hearts to the possibilities of what our life can become and who we can be in this world.

Building Healthy Relationships

When we practice Gratitude for the people we have in our lives we open ourselves to the possibilities of who we can be in those relationships.  Being the right person in a relationship is just as important as finding the right person.

Life is a Puzzle

Our life is a puzzle that is put together one piece at a time and we never see the end result until the last piece is in place.  That is where Gratitude comes into our lives. Being Grateful for every step is the key to living a life that fulfills us and makes us happy.  People who practice Gratitude are the Happiest people in the world.

Goals and Time Management

Gratitude and Self-Development are the two things in this life which actually can produce the change we need to hit our goals.  Understand how gratefulness is the catalyist for the things that we prioritize and adding in self-development produces results like no other process is capable of doing.

Business Skills Development

In Business it is necessary to always be growing and developing as a person.  My book helps you to not only consistently think about developing your self, but about developing Gratitude.  Gratitude is the one skill that will take you wherever you want to go.


Allie Hudson

I am a person who loves life.  I grew up in a very poor family who had lots of love and support.  My parents never finished school, but they had a strong faith in God and they always focused their life on helping other people.  They were always very Grateful for what they had. They never complained that it was not enough and they always loved us six kids.  They scraficed for me to get a Christian Education and they supported me when I went to college as the first child in their family to get a college education.  I have never forgotten the lessons that I learned and I have always had a thirst for education. It was in this journey that I learned to focus and be thankful for my current circumstances.  

I met Larry when I was just 28.  He loved me so much, that I was drawn to him despite our 16 year age difference.  Our Marriage was such a growing place for me. I learned to be a woman and a wife with a man that nutured and loved me always.  When Larry started to have health issues we knew that evertually he would leave this world. Larry had been sick for a while and we knew that he was going to leave this world before me. He passed in May of 2009, right before my birthday.  I buried him on my birthday and I found myself lonely and depressed and not handling it well. 

When I met Mike he was the first person that I could look at and say, HE GETS ME, I mean he really got me and pushed me to move to the next level.  

When he died of cancer three years after our marriage I was like, GOD how could you let this happen again, but I thanked GOD for these two wonderful men and spent the next couple of years trying to pull myself back together. They were such wonderful men and I loved them very much but at 52 I couldn’t see myself not trying to love again.  So in 2015 when I met Mike I fell madly in love with him. He is the person that has challenged me the most. He has pushed me to come to these levels and to leave a legacy. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has forced me to learn to be GRATEFUL for every day and to develop myself in ways that I could never have dreamed. I am on the journey to becoming the best version of me.  I would love to help you become the best version of you. Check out my LIFE COACHING program the BEST U below.


I admire Alice because she has turned her personal tragedies into priceless experiences that she has learned and grown from.  Now she uses that to help others experiencing some of the same painful things that she’s experienced. The best part is her learning hasn’t stopped, she is constantly educating herself to better her craft, that’s where I’ve personally been able to watch Alice blossom and transform herself into someone more than qualified to help others.

Theresa Miller

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