Friends you Choose will make or break your DREAMS.

Written by AllieHudson

April 25, 2019

Do your friends really want to steal your DREAMS?  It sure feels like it sometimes. Even well-meaning friends will discourage us if we decide to pursue our DREAMS.  

They say things like that will never happen.  You are getting too big for your britches. That will never work.  Why can’t you just be happy going to a job every day like everyone else?

Get your head out of the clouds.  That just doesn’t happen for people like us.  All this is well-meaning at times, but it comes from their need to protect us from the fear that they are feeling.  

The normal person has bought into the lies that happen all around us every day.  They do this because it is hard to get past their own emotions. We have the flight or fight thing that goes on inside our heads the minute we sense that what we want to do will bring on emotions that we are not prepared to experience.

That is where Mediation comes in….

Mediation allows us to begin to listen to our bodies and the feelings that we all try to ignore.  Feelings can make us feel uncomfortable. Think about the last time you were with a friend and they started to cry.  

Those uncomfortable emotions about what am I suppose to do to help them stop being upset.  Guess what… You aren’t supposed to do anything. It is not your job to fix emotions. It is your job to be there as a friend and let them experience the emotions in a safe place.  When they experience the emotions they can get through them, but if they keep them bottled up inside that energy in their bodies just keeps them stuck.

The same thing happens to us.  Emotions begin to express themselves in our body and we run for the nearest substitute that we have to cover them up and not try and feel them.  We numb ourselves just to completely ignore all those emotions.

When you practice Mediation something wonderful happens.  You learn to breathe and you learn to experience those emotions and as you experience them you are able to move through them and get to the other side and use them for your further development.

Experience your emotions allows you to experience life again in a way that maybe you have been hiding from for a long time.  I know that I was. After the death of two husbands in five years I just was waiting for the other shoe to fall. I was afraid to trust and love again.  It felt like I could not allow anyone else into my life and experience those emotions or I would die again.

The reality has been that in letting someone else into my life I have learned to allow those emotions to come up and just allow them to be.  I haven’t died and they have helped me move forward to a bigger DREAM than I have ever had before. That DREAM is to help other people move through their emotions and not let them get stuck.

Being stuck is the worst feeling in the world.  It leads to lack of control and lack of freedom.  The freedom to experience life in a way that is fun and exciting.  We were not created to be drones of the people around us. We were created to create wonderful and amazing lives that serve other people and help them lead amazing lives.  

If only we could see that living an amazing life that is fun and lets us enjoy life in a way that most of us long to do is the true answer to living.  If we go through life just bearing the burden of what we think we have to do or the only choices we have is to work someone else’s Dream, then the joy and fun are sucked out of us and we become a robot.  Doing what we must when we must and never experiencing life.


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