6 Ways Developing a Practice of Gratitude Increases Your Income

Written by AllieHudson

April 4, 2019

1. Be content where you are NOW.

You have to stop wanting things to be different than they are right now.  You are where you are based on what you have been producing in the past. You cannot produce anything different without changing.

Learning to lean into your current circumstances and thanking God for the things that are good is the key to moving to the next level.  

Even if all you can do is Thank God for the fact that you are breathing.  That is the beginning of learning to be Grateful for everything. That seems like a small step, but it is a giant step in the direction of Gratitude.

2. Give up any unforgiveness

This step in moving toward Gratitude and Increasing your wealth is the hardest, but so necessary for true transformation.  It has been studied and found that when you forgive your brain moves to a whole new level of functioning.

Unforgiveness keeps you mired down in the low vibrations of life.  It repels people and money. It affects your relationships and it does not allow you to discover the joy you have in yourself.

It can lead to depression and loneliness.  

When you hold on to your history, You do it as an expense to your destiny.  TD Jakes.

To forgive someone for what happened allows you to move on in your life.  Your life is precious and you are so much more than what happened. They are still responsible for their actions, they may have been so wrong, but you can’t move on in your life and experience the journey and DREAMs you are meant to accomplish until you let go of that situation.

The most Powerful thing you can do is stop holding on.  It takes so much more to let go and forgive than to hold on and allow bitterness and anger to take over your life.  Stop giving them power. Take back your life and become the best version of you.

3. Practice it Daily.

Write down five things each day that you make you feel Grateful.  If you don’t feel Grateful when you write it down.  Don’t worry. Just do it. Do it for 40 days.  This will help you get in the habit of looking at what you have around you to be grateful and appreciate.

Daily practicing this one area will increase your Energy Vibration in so many ways that you will be amazed at the results that one simple practice makes.  Many celebrities such as Steve Harvey, Denzel Washington, Oprah, and Christy Metz talk about how this one small practice changed their lives. It can do the same for you.

Gratefulness, when practiced consistently, has been found to produce patience and make your day go smoother.  

4. No Matter What

It is easier to practice being Grateful when things are going the way we want them to go, but when things are going down a path that we do not understand and frankly don’t want to be on we begin to question, “why”.  

If we can flip that around and say.  I know there is a reason I am here. Could you please show me what I am supposed to learn?  Then we can begin to move from that place that is keeping us stuck to a life full of Joy and Happiness.  

Things are not always going to go right in our life, but when we can learn to look at what we can learn from the down times.  We make those times more powerful in our lives. Sometimes we have to go to those times in order to appreciate the good times.

5. Pass Gratefulness on

Set a goal that you are going to compliment one person a day about something you see in them.  It can be as simple as the outfit they have on. The idea is that you start looking for things to appreciate and not what is going wrong.  When we focus on what is wrong in our lives we get more of that.

Focus on what you want.  When you focus on Gratitude it opens you up, and people begin to see differently.

6. Receiving

When you begin to focus on Gratitude you can receive from God.  He has something great in store for you, but you have been focusing so much on what is going wrong that you have forgotten that there are blessing out there in the small things.  

If you don’t appreciate the small things God can’t bring bigger and better things into your life. The money will not be attracted to you if you are living in the lower vibrations.  Money is energy. It is attracted to you when you are vibrating at a higher level, Gratitude is one of the highest levels so it increases your vibration to receive.

Remember we are opening ourselves up to receive.  When you open yourself up to receive things that you want can come into your life.

To Your Higher Self



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