5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Written by AllieHudson

June 1, 2019

Your first hour each morning to prepare for your Day.

The first hour each morning starts your day with focus and clarity.  It is so important to get the day started without all the distractions around.  Ignore your phone, TV, email and anything else that is going to take your subconscious mind on a journey that you do not want for your day.  Instead, focus and create your plan for the day. Start with 20 minutes of exercise, whatever you enjoy. A walk will be great. Then 20 minutes of mindfulness.  Sit your body down and focus on quiet peacefulness. Focus on your visions of where you want to go. This brings clarity of vision, which is an important step to happiness.  Lastly 20 minutes of personal growth. Personal Growth is one of the main ingredients for a life to live in happiness. If you don’t have a plan for personal growth you will not succeed in fulling your dreams or in creating a journey of happiness.

Remain Present in your Life as you go through the Day.

Practice remaining present each day.  95% of our thoughts are about the past, but if we can stop living in the past we can change our future.  How you do this is being present in your day? Determine each day before you start it that you will be in love with your life and that you will celebrate your life. Determine what you want to experience that day.  Experience in our life is the best way to live in the present. When we take the time to experience our life and to create the experiences we want in our life opens up and becomes magical as we become the creator and not the influenced.

“To become a different person you have to be a different person. Life gets better when you get better.  Think in future tense and act it out like playing a character of your future self. It’s all an act at first, not normal or easy, but when you keep acting and playing pretend than the character you are playing becomes who you are.  The whole world’s a stage, your whole life is an act.”

– Anonymous

Spend time contributing to the World.

Every person has a deep desire to be inspired and creative in their life.  They want to know that what they do contributes to the people around them. When we contribute to the people around us we feel inspired to do more and be more creative.  When we are inspired to live our lives then we find creativity in what we do daily. If you are in a job that you hate, we are in a relationship that is strained, our kids are constantly fighting, or we lack a thankfulness for being alive.  Our energy becomes drained and we aren’t happy. When we consciously practice mindfulness, personal growth and live in the present these things begin to take a different shape. We begin to be thankful again and we show up in the world differently and the world begins to show up for us differently.  That is really the key to changing our world. Showing up for ourselves differently.

Love yourself and know that you are enough.

Loving ourselves is such an important step in evening finding the motivation to be happy.  If you haven’t thought about it lately. When was the last time you stood in front of a mirror and told yourself, “I Love You”, “You are an amazing person”, “You have so much to offer”  “You are enough, you have always been enough”. This may sound and look a little weird to you. Maybe egotistical, but the reality is that if you don’t love yourself you will never be able to do this.  The first time I did it I cried. I couldn’t believe that I was worth loving somewhere in my soul, but that’s changed. I realize that I am an amazing person who can only love others when I love myself.  When I am able to love myself then I expect the best for myself and I show up differently for myself and the people around me.

Practice Gratitude and celebrate your successes.  

It is so important to start your day off with Thanking God for the ability to have another day.  

This is the day that the Lord hath made let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Ps 118:24

When we can face each day with gratitude it completely changes who we are and what we expect from the world.  When you wake up each morning you have everything you need to get through that day. When you focus on Gratitude the things you need will start to come to you.  You will begin to feel that you have a purpose and when you feel like you are growing and contributing to the world then happiness will begin to happen in your life.  When you ask God for anything you will begin to thank Him that as if He has already supplied that need for you. It is when we get to this step that happiness begins to become a part of our everyday living.

Gratitude is the secret to making our Journey Successful and Happy.  If you would like to learn about developing the practice of Gratitude. Click HERE for a wonderful resource for developing it.

If you are looking to make changes in your life for Happiness to be a part of your everyday journey.  Having a coach who helps you define what that will look like for you and guide you on the journey will help it show up sooner in your life.  I would love to support you on this journey. Click HERE.

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