What is your Art? How can you find it?

Written by AllieHudson

August 15, 2019

When you think of art, do you think of something that is created with paint on a canvas? True art can be found in anything and anyone. We are all creating art in our life daily. It is a matter of what art we create.

We were made as creators in the image of God. If we are not creating then we cannot fulfill our purpose. Because it is in the progress of creation that we find a connection with ourselves, God, and other people. I believe we all need an art form in our life to find our purpose.

Art can come in lots of forms, shapes, sizes. It is something that you are in the process of creating right now. Art is simply our ability to create. We each create in our lives what we can imagine, feel and have faith to create.

My art is the help people on their journey to self-discovery. I love helping people discover their full potential. I love to see the possibilities in who they can become. It is a journey that I have been on for the last three years. I am so excited for the places it will take me. It is not a straight line it is a journey of high’s and low’s. That is why it is so important to have support on this journey.

It is very difficult for us to stay on this path without support and encouragement and coaching from other people. I have had some amazing coaches and I am still getting coaching every day from the people that I have allowed in my life.

This journey has taken me to some fun places like San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Orlando, Asheville, and TN. It has brought me full circle back to Ohio to face the demons of my past. To learn to love me despite what I think are my insecurities from childhood.

I have learned that the little girl has been there wanting to show me the freedom of joy, gratefulness, patience, peace, and love. It is in learning to love my self that the true freedom to create a life that I love. I have learned to love my partner in a way that I thought was lost to me. I have also learned to love the people that I can help to find this seem peace and contentment in their lives.

I am discovering and becoming the Best Version of myself that I can be and I am enjoying the process and helping the people in my life to do the same. Join me on this journey.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of where this journal can take you click on this link. I would love to support you in a journey to discover your who you are, and I have a limited number of coaching spots and would love to see if we would be a great fit together in helping you take your journey. May your Dreams be BIG and your life be Blessed, Allie


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