Life is Good! Find Your Best Life!

Written by AllieHudson

August 29, 2019

I have been thinking about the statement:  Life is Good. Life, while it has had challenges, has been good to me.  God has been good to me through the tough times especially. I think that sometimes I forget to stop and celebrate the greatness of being me.


Thinking about all the titles I have had: Daughter, Wife, Widow, Auntie, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Manager, Life Coach, Learner, Educator, Partner and Child of God.  These titles hold the story of Allie, buried deep in such simple words are stories that represent who I am.


The story of the people who have touched my life and whose life I have touched.  Some of the stories I wish had turned out different, but without these people and the stories that we created together.  I would not be me and they would not be who they became also.


What I have learned is that becoming is so much better than just settling for being.  We all have choices that we have to make when life does not turn out the way that we had hoped.  


Looking back I realized that I could have allowed the circumstances that framed my life to turn me into a bitter person, but I chose to be a different person.  A person who understood that having love twice in my life was a privilege that most people are seeking and wish they had the opportunity of feeling just once.


In life, it is easy to dwell on the mistakes.  The things that didn’t go as we had imagined or thought they should.  We can get caught up in this merry-go-round, which takes us to the land of never being happy.  The land of never appreciating the people who are in our life and connecting with us and helping us to see life in its entirety. 


I want to live my life so that when I am gone people will say,  She helped people feel like their lives were worth living and that they had a purpose for life.  Everyone needs to feel like they have a purpose and that they are here to connect to people in a way that allows them to be a part of life.


The people I meet that are the least able to function in this life are the people that dwell on everything that has gone wrong in their life and never accept that life deals everyone blows.  It is the nature of life. It is not personal. It doesn’t choose one person above another. We all have things in our life that we have to overcome to grow and connect with others.


It is in my trails that I can show other people that life is good.  That life can be lived to it’s fullest even when things that we wish had never happened occur.  Starting over, while it has its challenges is an opportunity to become the next BEST version of me.  I have found this new person to be fun and exciting as I discover a whole new side that I never knew existed.


So if you need help living your BEST LIFE.  Then connect with me and we will start this journey together.  We will find your BEST LIFE.  


If you would like to explore the possibilities of where this journal can take you click on this link. I would love to support you in a journey to discover your who you are, and I have a limited number of coaching spots and would love to see if we would be a great fit together in helping you take your journey. May your Dreams be BIG and your life be Blessed, Allie


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