How to Overcome Yourself and Live a Life on Purpose

Written by AllieHudson

June 13, 2019

You have to look at yourself and life honestly.

To begin a transformation in your life you will have to begin to think about life differently.  You have to look at yourself and see who you currently represent and think about how you want to change that representation in life.  You will never become the person that you want thinking and acting like you are right now. The way you are thinking and acting right now has gotten to you to where you currently are, but it can’t take you to the person that you want to become.  Do you like the life you are living? Then this blog is not for you. This blog is for people who want to change their lives and want help doing it.

Pick four areas of your Life to change your perspective.

You have to start somewhere and this is the best place to start.    

If you feel unworthy, start developing a feeling of worthiness. You are so worthy no matter what anyone has told you.  God has never created anything without a purpose. So if you are alive you are here for a reason. You have a purpose. So you cannot be worthless you have value.  Learn to believe it. You are enough and You have always been enough.

If you have always lived in guilt, learn to forgive yourself and live in freedom.  A lot of people live in guilt. They wish they had done things differently and start to dwell on things they could have done differently.  What if you just told yourself that everything happened to teach me something and I have learned my lesson and I will never do that again.  Step out and believe that you can live it differently. That you can take that lesson and live a life full of Hope and Freedom.

If you have always been critical of yourself, learn to accept yourself for who you are right now.  Most people don’t love themselves. They are so critical of everything they do and therefore, they are critical of what everyone else’s does.  When we live our life in criticalness how can we expect to achieve anything that is meaningful? It keeps pulling us down. We have to accept the past for what it is and look to the future and focus on changing that.

Stopping judging yourself.  If you judge others, you are probably judging yourself.  Stop it. Judging yourself and others will never help you move to where you want in life.  You have to start living life in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Be grateful for your life and the people in it.  Accept those people for who they are and let them work on their own relationship with themselves. When we can learn to be whole with ourselves you will stop all the judging.

If you are not sure what four areas that you need to change.  Close your eyes and see where your mind wonders. Where your mind wonders is the areas that you will take you down the right path.

Learn to Focus on the Future Person you want to be.

Take these four areas and decide how you would like to live each day differently then you are currently living.  

Start with this statement.

“If I were to live my life without being _____ then I would live my life like ________.” 

Ask yourself these questions to help you clarify the future person you want to be.

“What would be doing daily to feel this way?”   

“Where would I be going?”

“Why would I be doing it?”

“How would I live my life?”

“What would I look like if you were living this future person?” 

“Why would I want to live this way?”

“How would it make me feel to live this way?”

“What clarity and purpose would I have in my life to live this way?” 

“I would be living my life in _________?”

“I would be loving ______?”

“I would be doing _______ to support myself?”

“I would be creating a life that focuses on __________?” 

“I would experience _________?”

Getting down to these depths will help you to learn who this future person would look like.

Then start focusing on the feelings that living this life would generate.

The next step is to begin generating these feelings as if you already were that person.  The closer you can begin to feel like this person who you want to become the quicker you will become this person.  The minute you start to think about becoming this person you mind is going to start objecting to these changes. You don’t want to run from this.  The best way to handle it is to sit with the feelings that will be generated and understand that you are no longer allowing those beliefs and standards to be who you are.  You want to see yourself as this new person. This person who will become the Future that you want. It is a long journey and that is why we all need help to make these changes.  

If you are looking to change your life and need support.  I would love to support you.

I have a limited number of coaching spots open right now.  Simply Apply Now for Living Life Beyond Limits.

May your Dreams be BIG and your life be Blessed,


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