5 Lessons from the Butterfly about Transformation

Written by AllieHudson

May 9, 2019

The butterfly is such a beautiful creature that teaches what it means to be free from the entanglement of the world. It starts as such an unusual creature and transforms into beauty and freedom.

1. Beauty comes from struggle. The butterfly comes into this world as a larva. Looking nothing like it’s final glory. In a process that includes conflict and transformation, it becomes this beautiful creature that every time we see it makes us think of beauty.
When the Butterfly is leaving the cocoon, it is said to appear to be struggling to get out, but without that struggle to strengthen its wings the butterfly cannot fly. You may have struggles in this life, but it is in the conflicts that strength to live beautifully emerges.

2. How we Begin our Journey will look different from our Flight. When the butterfly begins it’s journey in life it is as a larva, tied to the ground. It crawls along with the leaves feeding and moving slowly. When it becomes a cocoon and sits and silence while the most beautiful transformation is happening on the inside until it emerges as a butterfly, free to fly where it wants. Your Journey will start slow and look ugly at first, but as you sit in silence and begin to hear your inner voice a beautiful person emerges to serve the world with your beauty. Hang in there the transformation is on the way.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  Maya Angelou

3. Transformation is beautiful and a part of your life. A butterfly does not find it’s beauty until it Transforms. We all start as this human being full of potential with everything that we need. Then life comes at us. It takes lots of different forms, but usually, we end up hurt and traumatized from things that happen in our life. We can become bitter, or we can learn like the butterfly to go inward and work through those struggles. Emerging free from the earth and flying to wherever we want.

“We all have Cocoons. It’s the struggle to free ourselves that makes us whole and gives us strength to fly.” Anonymous

4. Even Ugly Things can be Beautiful. There are lots of hurt in your life and every person’s life. Some are very Ugly and leave deep wounds. You can live in those wounds and feel ugly and unloved, or you can go deep into your soul. You can find the Beauty that lies in the situations that you have been through. You can find the beauty that is still there in you that God created for you to be. Take the Ugliness dealt to you and forgive the past and create a beautiful future. That future can let you fly and be free to help others get past the ugliness that has happened to them. When you connect within and discover the true beauty inside yourself. That is true FREEDOM.

5. Quietness and Stillness Transform you to the BEST VERSION OF YOU. You have been hurt and you have looked at yourself in the mirror and you just can’t understand how anyone would be able to love you. You want desperately to have that love that you know you deserve, but you keep attracting the wrong things into your life. You can do all the affirmations and vision boards you want, but until you go inside and learn to sit in the stillness and create the life that you want by connecting to your true self. You will continue to attract into your life the wrong people and things. It is going inside and taking the time to heal the wounds of the past that allows us to create the life that we long to have.

“The butterfly reminds us that we can go through the darkness and still emerge BEAUTIFUL.” Allie Hudson

Thoughts, Emotions work together to create our feelings. It is in the feelings that we produce in our lives that we find the true magic. When we begin to energetically put out the feelings that You are Enough, You have always been Enough, and you will always be Enough. That is when your life Transforms. This Transformation cannot come without the time spent looking at who you are on the inside.

Here’s to Living Life Beyond Limits,


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