3 Commitments for Growing Big Dreams

Written by AllieHudson

June 6, 2019

Commit to Self-Development.

You will never get to the Dreams you want, being the person you are today.  You have to commit to becoming the best version of yourself. There is nothing wrong with the person you are right now, but you cannot be this person and get your Dreams or you would already be that person.

That means you are going to have to find new ways to do things.  You are going to have to understand who that person is that you will have to be in order to have your DREAMS. So find people that are living those dreams and understand what it took to get them there.

In today’s world, many of us are so caught up in what is going on around us that we never manage to sit still and listen to what is going on inside us.  We end up with energy from events and circumstances that we have going through that we never allowed ourselves to feel and that energy gets stuck inside of us.  We allow it to stay and never learn what it takes to let go of the energy and return to the person that we want to become.

That is why I have made a commitment to myself to developing the best person that I am capable of being.  Life is continually challenging me to give up and forget this transformation that I want for myself, but I am willing to keep fighting the urge to flee.  It is a hard battle and I know that it would be easier to give up and go back to the unfolding life that I lived. I am 100% committed to living a life that is constantly exploring new ways to improve my inner self.  

I practice mindfulness on a daily basis.  I spend time praying and focusing on my relationship with myself and God.  I have found that allowing myself to keep in touch with my inner self has made me stronger and allowed me to stand up for myself when things are not as I want.  I have found that it is OK to ask for what I need to meet my needs. I don’t have to always be meeting the needs of everyone around me without consideration of myself.  My needs have to be addressed in order for me to meet the needs of the people that I love. The person that I am becoming is going to amaze me one day and I will never want to go back to the person I was.

Commit to finding people to support your journey.

I have learned in the last two years that people you love who have been stuck on your current path will not understand this journey.  They will think that you are crazy and that you are wasting your time. They will fight the journey out of fear and misunderstanding of how it affects them.

That is why it is so essential to find people that I have learned to find people that are also on this journey to support me.  I have learned that there are people that understand that life is a journey and you do not have to get stuck in the misery of the people around you.  My relationship with God has helped me to lean on Him when times get really tough.

This does not mean that everything goes smoothly.  Nowhere near this. Things go wrong, but I am able to recognize it.  Not always change it right away, but I am able to guide my way through it and rebound back to the journey that helps me be the best version that I can be at the moment.  This has been a tough journey, but I have learned that I must look at myself honestly and understand what is driving me to do the things that are contrary to what I want.

Commit to being Grateful and Create Your Life.

I have learned to be grateful for my life.  I have learned to see what is possible when I commit to becoming the best version of me.  I cannot be the best version of the people around me, but I was made to be the best me. Not what someone else thinks is the best me, but the best me that I am able to become. Are you becoming the best version of yourself?

When I gave up striving and began practicing being Grateful for who I am, and what the possibilities of me becoming were, I opened a whole new world for me to walk into.

I am sure you have been stuck at some point and wondered how to move from what felt like a trap and overwhelm.  I was too, but when I committed to just simply being grateful for where I was and moving forward from there I discovered I could open up the doors of possibilities that I was not aware was even there for me.

When you begin to open the doors of possibility you understand that you have the ability to create your life.  You are the creator of everything even your dreams. It is the choices that you make today that will allow your dreams to come into being.

You have to let go of the past.  The things that are tying you down and learn to love where you are right now and live life as if you already have your DREAMS.  So just begin to practice gratitude for what you currently have and understand that the only way to get more of what you want is to be grateful for where you currently are.

May your Dreams be BIG and your life be Blessed,


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